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#1 IIFYM Magazine column

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This is the full unedited version of the Men’s Fitness column covering my one year journey. This month: If It Fits Your Macros …  A long time ago in a bodybuilding forum far, far away someone asked a question about eating

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Diet 1: IIFYM … Tips & Tricks


Most people HATE wasting time, and why make you own mistakes when you can let someone else make them for you?! Here’s some tips and tricks that might stop your RAGING as you start off down the IIFYM path.

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Diet #1 IIFYM… 5 Things Wrong with IIFYM


If It Fits Your Macros has a huge and dedicated following, but some of what makes IIFYM can cause problems for people, these are the main issue, and what you can do to fix them them. IIFYM is flexible dieting, in a nutshell

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Diet #1 IIFYM … 4 Advantages of IIFYM


  IIFYM is massive in the physique and bodybuilding world, and – if you believe all the progress pictures on social media – with good reason. Here’s three massive advantages that IIFY has. IIFYM is a form of flexible dieting,

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Diet #1: IIFYM … In Detail

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  In a nutshell IIFYM is a diet that asks you to count very closely the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat you’re eating – these three things are the ‘macronutrients’ that lend their name to IIFYM and that provide

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