This project has gotten a little help along the way, I’m grateful to the following companies and people for their help and support:

Dr Amber Appleton

She’s the doctor guiding me on the project. If you want to know about the interaction of the diet you eat and biochemistry and metabolism of your body buy her book, ¬†Crash Course in Metabolism and Nutrition HERE

Crash Course Metab and Nutr

Mens fitness logo
Did you know Diet’s Are Shit has a magazine column? Well does, it’s in Men’s Fitness, and you can find the details HERE

SpeedFlex have been providing body composition and blood analysis, opinion and other expertise .

TDL logo
The Doctors Laboratory have been providing the blood analysis and,

One of the best sports docs in the business Dr Colin Crosby have been helping advising which blood tests to use

Providing some of the protein shakes and other sports foods.

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