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Q&A: How do I calculate calorie and macronutrient needs?

Do you find figuring out the whole calories and grams of protein, fat and carbs confusing? In the dark about how much you should really be eating? You’re not alone. I was in the gym the other day having a

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Diet #2 Paleo… Example Day’s Menu


What does a day of ‘paleo’ eating look like? Well, at it’s core it’s pretty simple. Here’s the ‘paleo’ version of the US MyPlate   Meat, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds. Pretty simple Simple doesn’t always mean easy though.  When

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Diet #2 PALEO… One Myth Leads to Another

paleo meme

There’s a few myths that surround the paleo diet. One in particular is very irritating as it stands in the way of proper discussion of the diet and also spawns others, because what many of the myths have in common

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Diet #2 : Paleo… Getting Started INFOGRAPHICS Edition

paleo info crop

The Paleo lot are a pretty tech-savy bunch, more Silicon Valley CrossFitters than suburban muscle heads. This means there’s a lot  of online info, much of which is helpfully boiled down into these info graphics Click on the pics below

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Diet #2 PALEO Diet … How To (rules, foods etc)


Paleo can be confusing at first, but by remembering a few simple rules you can navigate it quite easily. The Rules At its simplest there’s only three rules to remember Based your intake on vegetables, meat, fish, fruit nuts and

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Diet #1: IIFYM …The Results

Month 1 Report crop

Whoa! … the month is done, the tests are run, and results are in. Considering the amount of crap I ate in the month they’re pretty staggering. I’ll post in some more detail about this, but for now here’s an infographic

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