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6 Things Successful Dieters Do Before Work

winning the morning

In the field of success coaching at this idea of ‘winning the morning’, using a variety of habits and actions that help develop razor sharp focus on personal goals, and set the mind and body up for a busy day

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#1 IIFYM Magazine column

men-fitness-logo 2

This is the full unedited version of the Men’s Fitness column covering my one year journey. This month: If It Fits Your Macros …  A long time ago in a bodybuilding forum far, far away someone asked a question about eating

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Diet #2 PALEO: Results

Paleo Info

So, MONTH TWO done and dusted. For me, paleo on the whole was pretty easy to stick to, … although I did miss the booze. I guess there’ll be a lot of missing that this year. From the perspective of

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Diet #2 PALEO Diet … How To (rules, foods etc)


Paleo can be confusing at first, but by remembering a few simple rules you can navigate it quite easily. The Rules At its simplest there’s only three rules to remember Based your intake on vegetables, meat, fish, fruit nuts and

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DaS … The Shit (Short) List

diet breakdown

If you were going to do a year of diets which would you choose? …. Well, diet is a complex thing. There are hundreds of thousands of different  compounds in the foods we eat, and we eat tens of thousands

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Diets are Shit … What’s the point?

got purpose

12 months of diets – some that look like they’re going to be diabolical – blood tests, health checks, body composition scans, psych evaluations. So, why am i doing this to myself? The main reason is that it’s a chance

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DaS … Diets are SHIT


Well, they are. Exactly how ‘shit’ depends upon the diet, and it also depends upon you. There’s lots of ways to slice and dice ‘diet’. Counting calories, weighing and measuring, avoiding certain foods, or carbs or fats are just some

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