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#1 IIFYM Magazine column

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This is the full unedited version of the Men’s Fitness column covering my one year journey. This month: If It Fits Your Macros …  A long time ago in a bodybuilding forum far, far away someone asked a question about eating

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Diet #2 PALEO: Results

Paleo Info

So, MONTH TWO done and dusted. For me, paleo on the whole was pretty easy to stick to, … although I did miss the booze. I guess there’ll be a lot of missing that this year. From the perspective of

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Diet #2 Paleo … Its Context & History


Given that most of the food we eat today are non-Paleo I foods – in other words foods based on grains, dairy or legumes, and/or highly processed – it seems a little bit contrary to eat paleo and if we’re

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Diets are Shit: It’s Not (Good) Science


Time to ‘fess up. I’m getting bloods tested, weighing, measuring and so on, but whilst it may look like science  DaS is not science. Well, not ‘good science’ at least. Here’s why;

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Diet #1 IIFYM … 4 Advantages of IIFYM


  IIFYM is massive in the physique and bodybuilding world, and – if you believe all the progress pictures on social media – with good reason. Here’s three massive advantages that IIFY has. IIFYM is a form of flexible dieting,

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Diet #1: IIFYM … Men’s Fitness Column

MF IIFYM graphic

Hey, just a heads up to say that you can read the first month’s column on-line HERE:

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Diet #1: IIFYM … In Detail

iffym same

  In a nutshell IIFYM is a diet that asks you to count very closely the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat you’re eating – these three things are the ‘macronutrients’ that lend their name to IIFYM and that provide

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Diets are Shit … has a column. Read. It. And. Weep.


So the project is well under way and now… oh yes … HAS A COLUMN. In a real magazine and everything. Holy shit.  Yet another reason for my old English teacher to throw up her hands and weep. Mum is so

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Diet #1: IIFYM If It Fits Your Macros… in 100 words


An occasional series, these will describe each diet I am doing in 100 words. If It Fits Your Macros is a form of ‘flexible dieting’ that allows you to eat what and when you want. You don’t count calories but

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DaS … Baseline data: Body comp, blood test etc

heallth tests

A project like this needs a decent baseline to work from. I’ll be collecting and trending the body composition data and blood analyses as well as other stuff through the year so here’s some of the more interesting and relevant data

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