Diet #2 PALEO Diet … How To (rules, foods etc)


Paleo can be confusing at first, but by remembering a few simple rules you can navigate it quite easily. The Rules At its simplest there’s only three rules to remember Based your intake on vegetables, meat, fish, fruit nuts and

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Diet #2 PALEO … Is Pseudo Science.


The paleo diet, and it’s followers come in for a lot of stick, but is it deserved or is it people missing the point? When you look around at their often almost religious devotion to the diet you soon realise

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Diet #2 PALEO Diet … Explained

paleo title

The Paleo diet promises better health, a better looking body and increased longevity, but who says so, and why? The Paleo Diet goes by a bunch of different names such as the caveman or stone age diet, there’s also the

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Diet #2: PALEO Diet … in 100 words


An occasional series aimed at the A.D.H.D. reader, these will describe each diet I am doing in 100 words. The Paleo aka Stone Age or caveman diet argues that evolution tends to develop animals that are best suited to the

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Diets are Shit: It’s Not (Good) Science


Time to ‘fess up. I’m getting bloods tested, weighing, measuring and so on, but whilst it may look like science  DaS is not science. Well, not ‘good science’ at least. Here’s why; ‘Science’ is useful because it gives us a

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Diet 1: IIFYM … Tips & Tricks


Most people HATE wasting time, and why make you own mistakes when you can let someone else make them for you?! Here’s some tips and tricks that might stop your RAGING as you start off down the IIFYM path. Each diet

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Diet #1: IIFYM … 5 Lessons Learned

tough lessons

For each of the diets I’ll be sharing the mian lessons I learned or possibly (re)learned So what’re the take-home points of doing IIFYM for a month? 1) Counting Works … The nutrition world likes to single ‘diet villains’ out,

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Diet #1 IIFYM… 5 Things Wrong with IIFYM


If It Fits Your Macros has a huge and dedicated following, but some of what makes IIFYM can cause problems for people, these are the main issue, and what you can do to fix them them. IIFYM is flexible dieting, in a nutshell

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Diet #1 IIFYM … 4 Advantages of IIFYM


  IIFYM is massive in the physique and bodybuilding world, and – if you believe all the progress pictures on social media – with good reason. Here’s three massive advantages that IIFY has. IIFYM is a form of flexible dieting,

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Diet #1: IIFYM … Men’s Fitness Column

MF IIFYM graphic

Hey, just a heads up to say that you can read the first month’s column on-line HERE:

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