About the project

What happens to your brain and body when you do an extreme diet? I mean what happens exactly.

And, what happens when you do 12 of them in a row?

My name is Drew Price. I am a Registered Nutritionist, over the next year I am undertaking a project look at ‘diets’ from the inside out. I’ll be choosing the more extreme examples of the different types of diets out there. From extreme low fat or calorie counting diets to all shake-based diets. The weird and the wonderful, they’ll be in there. I’ll be tracking their effect on my body using a battery of monthly tests worked out in conjunction with the specialists and partners I teamed up, and recording my progress here.

I’ll be looking in detail at the physical changes, the ones you can see and the ones you can’t using body composition testing, the fluctuations in markers of health using monthly blood tests, and weekly psychological exams which will track the mood and behaviour changes through the year.

I’ll also be looking at the day-to-day, the theory behind the diets but also the practical side of things. hoping┬áto learn valuable lessons and route out tips and tricks that make using these diets easier, ones I can pass on here in the blog.


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