Diet #2 PALEO: Results

So, MONTH TWO done and dusted.

For me, paleo on the whole was pretty easy to stick to, … although I did miss the booze. I guess there’ll be a lot of missing that this year. From the perspective of food choices, I enjoy meat and vegetables, so this was fine. I also enjoy cooking, which you will have to do a lot of on paleo. My energy levels felt good and did mood as well, but what did the testing show? Here’s a few of the numbers:

Paleo Info

(click for bigger)

Body Composition

Again, for the second month in a row muscle was up and fat mass was down. Not much, but 4 weeks is just 4 weeks and then you think that there was no counting involved on this diet then that’s a pretty good result in my book. Long may  this continue.

Again, my activity and training did not change. It follows a 4 week cycle aimed at keeping this variable the same throughout the project whilst avoiding the adaptation that will skew later results. More info on the training HERE.

Blood and Other Health Markers 

There were some good results here. Body composition scans showed that the levels of visceral fat, the dangerous fat around the organs associated with nasties like heart disease was down but the real headline was to be found in the blood test data where there was a huge huge drop in LDL (aka bad) cholesterol levels, whilst HDL levels stood pretty firm. Again, all this without counting. nothing ever perfect though and initial test result seems to show that triglyceride levels were increased.

So, final blogs on tips and tricks, and final thoughts on paleo and it’s onto month #3 from the diets Shit List


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