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#3 Warrior Diet… in 100 words


An occasional series aimed at the A.D.H.D. reader, these will describe each diet I am doing in 100 words. credit: One of the first modern ‘health and fitness’ intermittent fasting diets. Warrior’s based around a high frequency, usually daily,

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#2 Paleo… 5 Things Right With Paleo

I don;t always eat paleo

Paleo certainly has it’s haters, but what usually annoys the more well read nutrition folk is not the diet itself but the attitude of the people following it. The paleo zealots often treat it like a exclusive club or cult,

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Diet #2 Paleo… Example Day’s Menu


What does a day of ‘paleo’ eating look like? Well, at it’s core it’s pretty simple. Here’s the ‘paleo’ version of the US MyPlate   Meat, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds. Pretty simple Simple doesn’t always mean easy though.  When

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Diet #2 PALEO… One Myth Leads to Another

paleo meme

There’s a few myths that surround the paleo diet. One in particular is very irritating as it stands in the way of proper discussion of the diet and also spawns others, because what many of the myths have in common

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Diet #2 PALEO: Results

Paleo Info

So, MONTH TWO done and dusted. For me, paleo on the whole was pretty easy to stick to, … although I did miss the booze. I guess there’ll be a lot of missing that this year. From the perspective of

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