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Diet #2 : Paleo… Getting Started INFOGRAPHICS Edition

paleo info crop

The Paleo lot are a pretty tech-savy bunch, more Silicon Valley CrossFitters than suburban muscle heads. This means there’s a lot  of online info, much of which is helpfully boiled down into these info graphics Click on the pics below

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Diet #2 Paleo … Its Context & History


Given that most of the food we eat today are non-Paleo I foods – in other words foods based on grains, dairy or legumes, and/or highly processed – it seems a little bit contrary to eat paleo and if we’re

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Diet #2 PALEO Diet … How To (rules, foods etc)


Paleo can be confusing at first, but by remembering a few simple rules you can navigate it quite easily. The Rules At its simplest there’s only three rules to remember Based your intake on vegetables, meat, fish, fruit nuts and

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Diet #2 PALEO … Is Pseudo Science.


The paleo diet, and it’s followers come in for a lot of stick, but is it deserved or is it people missing the point? When you look around at their often almost religious devotion to the diet you soon realise

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Diet #2 PALEO Diet … Explained

paleo title

The Paleo diet promises better health, a better looking body and increased longevity, but who says so, and why? The Paleo Diet goes by a bunch of different names such as the caveman or stone age diet, there’s also the

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Diet #2: PALEO Diet … in 100 words


An occasional series aimed at the A.D.H.D. reader, these will describe each diet I am doing in 100 words. The Paleo aka Stone Age or caveman diet argues that evolution tends to develop animals that are best suited to the

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