Diet #1: IIFYM … 5 Lessons Learned

For each of the diets I’ll be sharing the mian lessons I learned or possibly (re)learned

tough lessons

So what’re the take-home points of doing IIFYM for a month?

1) Counting Works …

The nutrition world likes to single ‘diet villains’ out, fructose, gluten, modern foods etc. they all get the blame but at the very basis of, at least diet for body composition, the amounts of the different types of calories are key.

  •  Learn more about the food you’re eating, the basics like what is a protein ‘food’, what is ‘lean’ etc.

2) … but it’s a pain in the arse

Counting works, but micromanaging the gram quantities of macros is time consuming disrupting and ultimately stressful. The level of impact and disruption is going to depend upon your circumstances, and IIFYM will be just too much for some (most) so finding a diet that sees you tracking intake in a simpler manner would be worth the effort (keep checking back with DAS – one’s coming up!)

  • explore tools and tricks that help you track e.g. the one below.

3) Variety can be the enemy

Dietary variety is usually held up as a virtuous thing, but when it comes to tracking intake having a menu of dishes that you can make easily, you enjoy and that are known quantities in terms of macros is going to help hugely.

  •  There’s a sweet spot with variety, discover yours.

4) Fibre is tough to come by

The arguments of exactly how much and what mixture of fibre(s) we need still rage on. There’s lots of factors and the amount needed is no doubt very individual – but either way, following the regulations then you soon find that chasing a fibre target is tough.

  • Fibre is a habit, including veg wherever possible is the practical expression of that habit.

5)  There’s more to food than numbers

My body comp measures were encouraging, but other metrics weren’t. If you care about health, and lets face it looking good long term is easier if you’re healthy, then you’re going to have to pay attention to both quality as well as quantity.

  • It’s hard to keep your eye on two birds at once, using habits and planning will make this easier.


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