Diet #1: IIFYM … My Own Prescription

So, using the calculator on the site I came out at the following prescription for what to eat every day.

I knew right away it was going to be novel [read: FUN] as I don’t usually eat anything near that much carbohydrate, even though I am not a low-carb (carbs don’t make you fat – eating too much does) zealot and of course keep a completely open mind with advising clients closer ¬†to home with my diet I had slipped into a lower carb regimen. Was that right? Was that best for me? Can I even lose fat on this much carbohydrate?

It’s time to find out.

So first up it was time to punch in my stats to get my BMR and then add on activity levels to get an idea of Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

IIFYM screen grab5


The calculator uses height, age, weight and gender to get a rough estimate of BMR, then you use and equation to add extra calories on top to support activity. The Default one is the ‘Mifflin – St Jeor’, though the ‘Katch – McCardle’ equation can be selected and used, and this would be my personal choice. Going with the default though I got:

IIFYM screen grab4

The you deicide¬†what you want to do with regards goals and plans. I am not exactly that muscley to begin with, and frankly I don’t want to lose any more, that and a year od dieting ahead I went for the ‘suggested’, 15% calorie deficit plan.

IIFYM screen grab3

The next step, now that you have your calorie prescrition is to deicide how you want to slice it and dice it with regards to macro nutrient split:

IIFYM screen grab2


Finally you get the daily totals and as a bonus you can gets a calculation for the totals divided up between the number of meals you want to eat:

IIFYM screen grab1

As you can see IIFYM is a diet that’s really only been able to take off since the explosion of the interwebs, imagine doing all that without a nice little site to do it for you!


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