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Diet #1: IIFYM … Men’s Fitness Column

MF IIFYM graphic

Hey, just a heads up to say that you can read the first month’s column on-line HERE:

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Diet #1: IIFYM …The Results

Month 1 Report crop

Whoa! … the month is done, the tests are run, and results are in. Considering the amount of crap I ate in the month they’re pretty staggering. I’ll post in some more detail about this, but for now here’s an infographic

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Diet #1 IIFYM … Example Menus


My daily diet whilst on IIFYM swung from angelic to absurd, but I tracked it all the way. I tried a few methods of tracking but ended up using to monitor  food intake and break the macros down for

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DaS: … What exercise am I doing?

cardio spanish

I keep getting asked what exercise I am doing and if it is the same every month. Good Question. It’s true, a number of diets that I’ll be covering also come with a training prescription bundled up as part of

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Diet #1: IIFYM … My Own Prescription

IIFYM screen grab1

So, using the calculator on the site I came out at the following prescription for what to eat every day. I knew right away it was going to be novel [read: FUN] as I don’t usually eat anything near

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Diet #1: IIFYM … In Detail

iffym same

  In a nutshell IIFYM is a diet that asks you to count very closely the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat you’re eating – these three things are the ‘macronutrients’ that lend their name to IIFYM and that provide

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SELF CONTROL, it’s like a muscle, but not how you think

self control

 ‘Self control is like a muscle: the more you use it the stronger it gets.’ Anon. Bullshit. The post below is adapted from my book The Day-On Day-Off Diet (aka The DODO Diet) Forget Self-Control and Discipline When I was a

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DaS … Starting Stats Info Graphic

START v3 crop

The Internet loves pictures so here’s an info graphic showing my starting stats – this is what a few months of fattening up does to you!

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