Diets are Shit … What’s the point?

Diets ARE shit

12 months of diets – some that look like they’re going to be diabolical – blood tests, health checks, body composition scans, psych evaluations. So, why am i doing this to myself?

The main reason is that it’s a chance to live these diets.

I  work with a lot of people who, before seeing me, have bounced from diet to diet. It’s all very well advising people, relying on your education and professional experience, but when you’re asking someone to alter something that is so deeply part of their day-to-day, and which for many is a part of their lives they’re struggling with it helps to be able to empathise. The ‘bedside manner’ in consultations won’t change, but what is going on behind it will.

The year will be a test bed, helping me to refine how I advise people on the practical elements of food shopping, cooking and so on. These are the pieces of the puzzle that actually get you the results you’re after, be it looking, feeling or performing better.

It’s also a chance to test a few ideas. There’s a lot of ways to slice and dice diet, you can look at it in terms of calories, macronutrients, avoiding specific food groups etc. Undertaking this year gives me an opportunity, no, forces me to reevaluate what I think works for me. By ‘works’ I mean in terms of practicality and ease of fitting it into my work and social life, not so much the ‘results’ in terms of fat mass or general health.

I also consult for companies who are designing products and systems for people looking to lose weight, get fitter and so on. Hopefully the lessons learned can be applied there as well. I wanted a vehicle that would allow me to do all this and this year of diets is just that.

There is another reason of course, a little less altruistic…

I was in Barcelona playing football with Iniesta, just another day in my glorious life. Also there were Performance Nutritionist and Men’s Fitness cover model Scott Baptie and ex Olympian and Professor of sports Science Greg Whyte OBE, I was feeling a little out of shape by comparison, and the pictures from the day confirmed it.

So time to tighten the belt a little, but not before doing some preparation work.

Iniesta and Drew

Iniesta wondering who the dickhead dressed like a 50′s footballer is
(with thanks to Powerade who paid for the trip!)


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