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Diets are Shit … has a column. Read. It. And. Weep.


So the project is well under way and now… oh yes … HAS A COLUMN. In a real magazine and everything. Holy shit.  Yet another reason for my old English teacher to throw up her hands and weep. Mum is so

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Diet #1: IIFYM If It Fits Your Macros… in 100 words


An occasional series, these will describe each diet I am doing in 100 words. If It Fits Your Macros is a form of ‘flexible dieting’ that allows you to eat what and when you want. You don’t count calories but

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DaS … Baseline data: Body comp, blood test etc

heallth tests

A project like this needs a decent baseline to work from. I’ll be collecting and trending the body composition data and blood analyses as well as other stuff through the year so here’s some of the more interesting and relevant data

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DaS … The Shit (Short) List

diet breakdown

If you were going to do a year of diets which would you choose? …. Well, diet is a complex thing. There are hundreds of thousands of different  compounds in the foods we eat, and we eat tens of thousands

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DaS … The Preparation Phase: August to October.


So  how do you prepare for a year of dieting? You get fat. There’s a number of different reason why this would be useful. I was actually a little nervous. I have one of those bodies that likes to hold

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Diets are Shit … What’s the point?

got purpose

12 months of diets – some that look like they’re going to be diabolical – blood tests, health checks, body composition scans, psych evaluations. So, why am i doing this to myself? The main reason is that it’s a chance

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